In today’s global economy, you need a tax-consulting firm agile enough to keep pace with your goals, experienced enough to guide you through the ever-changing maze of U.S. and international tax laws… and committed enough to actually care. Welcome to Levinzon CPA P.C., a tax consultancy firm firmly rooted in the belief that every tax problem has a solution!

Founded in New York City by Tzahi Levinzon, CPA, and fueled by worldwide word-of-mouth, Levinzon CPA P.C. offers a myriad of tax services, including individual and corporate tax planning, accounting, real estate, passive income, and compliance with an emphasis international taxation.

Whether you’re an employee relocating to the U.S, a domestic or foreign investor with real estate holdings abroad, or an American citizen facing tax challenges — Levinzon CPA P.C. takes the time to understand your business (or individual goals) and formulate the most favorable tax plan going forward. The company also collaborates with many of the top tax, real estate and immigration lawyers in the US and abroad as needed on your behalf.

Long story short, foreign or domestic, we’re here to take those nagging taxation distractions off your plate, minimize your taxable exposure (now and in the future) and free you up for what you do best – managing your business and enjoying your life. Please let us know what tax challenges you need solved today!